San Francisco is simply one of my favorite cities in the world. Not only is it home to the best baseball team on earth, GO GIANTS!, it is also the city where Brian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Brian and I go to San Francisco as much as our paychecks afford us. We love the vast selection of food, shops, neighborhoods, people, museums, parks, and buildings. San Francisco has a unique flavor that never gets old. It's a big small city with a ton of history and distinct character. San Francisco, hands down, is the perfect destination for our wedding.


Wedding planning overall is exciting and fun but definitely has its moments where I want to take a permanent vacation. Most of our weekends are spent traveling up and down the bay area meeting with different vendors of all types. There are so many components to a wedding that you would never even consider until you were posed that option! I spend most of my waking moments thinking of how I can make something a bit more special and memorable.


This picture was taken after we raced together up a hill in the Marina.
I think we were ring shopping.

Picking wedding colors did not come naturally. I do not specifically have a favorite color, but I do have a preferred color of the moment based on my mood. You can imagine how difficult that can get when choosing something as major as your wedding colors! I had been debating with magenta hues, blush pink hues, and more earthtone hues for weeks. Inspiration finally hit me one day when I was browsing Snippet&Ink, one of my favorite wedding blogs.


The bright red colors screamed HAPPY, FUN, CLASSIC and it was an instant match made in wedding heaven. I want to portray the right mix of poppy red with ivory and just a few hints of black. To me, this red will capture the energy and vibrance of our personalities and the feeling of our wedding.

As we drive down to the major details and soon the smaller, but equally important details, I'm drawing inspiration from a lot of things. For one, 3 of my other good friends are getting married in the months before us. It's been great talking to them all since we basically share the same worries and delights. My bridesmaids are also busy at work helping to find fun things to incorporate as well. I am constantly keeping my eyes open for things that make Brian and I smile or evoke a memory from our shared past. We are both extremely excited to see all of it unfold on the big day. It will undoubtedly be one of our greatest life projects yet!